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Who We Are & How We Work

We originally started a network of debt collectors many years ago when there was no concept of professional debt collection in Saudi Arabia. In the beginning it was just two of us who were responsible for handling clients and helping getting the right agencies to work for clients on their behalf. The laws back then were not very clear but we kept up to date on the latest amendments just to make sure that our services adhered to the latest decrees. Word soon spread owing to the fact that our network was able to recover debts that were often written off by lenders and all without breaking the law by resorting to unethical collection methods.
Who We Are & How We Work
High degree of recovery success

High degree of recovery success

As a person that needs to collect on your debt, you may have probably already tried asking for your money back. However, so far you’ve not been successful. The reason why our collection network is successful where you have not been is because we use a number psychological and legal tools which are at our disposal. We know exactly how to apply pressure and when. In most cases we are able to collect on bad debts in just a couple of days from the first meeting.

We work for everyone

One of the reasons why we have grown to become one of the leading debt collection experts is because there is no client too big or small for us. So, we work for both bluechip businesses, banks as well as individuals. All we need is your consent to collect the outstanding debt on your behalf.

Saudi Arabia's leading service

Our network of debt collection agencies has proven that we are the best! Our team of experts will get in touch with you right away after which we swiftly proceed to the recovery phase. This approach has ensured that our clients receive payment in the shortest period of time.

Reliable service providers

Reliability has been our biggest selling point over the years. Unlike other debt collection services we focus on keeping you at the forefront of our efforts and so the agency knows that you are the first priorioty. A dedicated agent is assigned your case who then works day in and day out on recovering your said amount. This is why you can trust us to deliver on our promise, along with regular updates.

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