Debt Recovery laws Hungary

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Hungary’s legal system is indeed pathetic. Costs are generally very high, and procedures are long-lasting. Corruption also plays its role in some cases. Our Hungarian lawyers can prescribe you on the basis of best legal procedure in your situation.

Order for payment Process

If there is no debate about the invoice, we are dealing with an undisputed claim. In such condition, an “FMH” procedure can be started. This procedure an enforceable title is acquired rapidly and competently. After the court has declared its verdict, our lawyer will immediately use the necessary sources to execute this verdict. If the debtor opposes your claim, more wide-ranging proceedings on the basis of merits will be started.

Civil proceedings

In case if debtor does not accept your invoice, our lawyers will start ordinary civil proceedings against your defaulter. Qatar debt recovery have their network all around the Hungary. We have maintained strong relations with the best associates all across the world. Both parties will then have to present their opinion. Sometimes the judge will decide instantly, while in other cases a proceeding will have to be planned. This is again dependent on the nature of your case, The lawyer will assess which a procedure is applicable.


Apart from Hungarian recovery laws, there are numerous European regulations that can be utilized when your Hungarian customer create dispute in term of reimbursement. In European Union it is significant that trade between European countries is stimulated. So, complex processes abroad are undesired. Despite of normal procedures, there are also two substitute alternative procedures that can be utilized for foreign claims

1.      European Payment Order Procedure 

2.      Small Claims Procedure

Both procedures are comparatively rapid and economical. A general form after filling will be sent to the competent court. If you have not convinced on anything, this is typical Hungarian court. The courts then deals with the recovery case and declare a judgment.

The small claims process is only appropriate for small claims up to €5,000. The European Payment Order only applies to undeniable claims.

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