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Family members and matters hold very important role in the life of a person. Family issues and problems are very sensitive matters which require great care and attention to handle. Unlike other countries rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia are very different altogether. The family law of Saudi Arabia addresses the issues related to personal and domestic issues of a person. Dubai Debt Recovery offers experienced and quality legal services in the domain of family law in Saudi Arabia. With the help of our highly qualified and talented associate family lawyers we offer a great solution for our clients to solve their legal domestic matters.

Our associates are very professional and responsible lawyers, they discuss the issues of clients to get full insight of the problem which help to them to use the most appropriate approach and strategy. They take the clients in confidence and briefly explain the status of their case to give them options about solving their issue. Family law is a very broad domain of law which nearly covers all the important and little issues of a common man. Cases related to marriage and divorces arebeing taken by our associate family lawyers who share their expert opinion and legal experience to resolve these matters gracefully. Matrimonial issues of clients with different religions and cultures are dealt according to their values and norms by our associates.

Our top priority is to resolve any kind of family matter with mutual consult and peaceful manner. For this reason we emphasizes on mediation, arbitration, and amicable settlement in majority of cases. In emotionally charged cases such as child adoption and custody our priority is to solve such cases with mutual consent. But we also have the resources and capability to solve these matters in court as well. We don’t tend to use lengthy procedures and methods to prolong the case which wastes the precious time of both the client and our associate.


Our associate family lawyers in Saudi Arabia are one of the best lawyers who provide fair and valuable consultancy to clients. They understand the matters of privacy and confidentiality related to family matters and take special care of such matters. Our associate family lawyers are truly professional and compassionate about helping clients. Their focus is to resolve sensitive family matters with a sense of maturity and privacy. Our associate family lawyers are expert in dealing with any kind of issue related to family law such as,

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Marriage
  • Child Adoption
  • Property Inheritance
  • Surrogacy
  • Alimony

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