Legal Services in Dammam

Dammam is the capital of Ash Sharqiyah province of Saudi Arabia. With a population of more than 1 million, it is the major contributor to the oil sector in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the major cities of Saudi Arabia with respect to population and business. Due to the massive population and industrial development, it attracts people from all over the world. Saudi Arabia debt collection helps people of Dammam to get relief in legal issues and problems. SDC is a vast network of professional and experienced associate firms and advocates in Saudi Arabia. We are capable to provide relief and justice to people in more than 200 countries around the world.
Legal Services in Dammam

Our associates are well aware of all the laws and rules implemented in Saudi Arabia and understand the social and legal issues of local people as they also belong to the same country. Due to this reason, our associate law firms and advocates provide the best legal consultancy and support to any person in any type of legal matter. They cover all domains of law and provide the best legal services in Dammam to satisfy their clients.

Cases related to labour law are professionally pursued by our associates and issues of employees and labours are presented appropriately to defend the basic rights of clients. They realize the problems of employees who come so far to foreign countries to provide more money and improve the lives of their families. Family issues and problems are also entertained by our associate lawyers and law firms. Our associate family lawyers understand the sensitivity and responsibility of dealing with such matters. They can help clients to solve their disputes either by negotiation or by proper litigation.

Recovery or collection of Debt is a very hectic and complicated task to follow. We have been providing credible and trusted services in the field of debt collection for more than twenty years. Our mission is to provide cost-effective and swift solutions for clients seeking legal advice and support. We act upon our slogan of No Win No Fee which shows our commitment to serve clients.

Criminal offence and cases are very rare in Dammam due to strict laws and rules of Saudi Arabia. This makes it even more difficult to defend a criminal case to seek justice. If you are facing any criminal case or charges then you must contact SDC to get adequate legal support to minimize or avoid legal charges and penalties.

Our Services

We connect you with our vast and extensive chain of associations with international and credible law firms and agencies that aids our clients with their efficient legal services and strategies around the region.

Property Law

Whether it is foreclosure, mortgage, or any other property acquisition or selling legal services, our associate lawyers will help you go through that. They are experienced in offering advice, helping to file the necessary documents. Also, most importantly, they go through any dispute that may arise between the buyer and the seller.

Immigration Law

The services provided by our associate immigration lawyers are usually unique compared to the services offered by other types of lawyers. Individuals who experience difficulties in dealing with the requirements of immigration are often helped by our associate lawyers. Guidance and advice are offered by them to foreign nationals regarding visa application, citizenship, naturalization, etc.

Criminal Law

People who commit crimes against the state like murder, robbery with violence, and many others get in serious trouble afterward. Consequently, they seek legal services from a law firm. Our associate criminal lawyers in Dammam help you with the representation in a court of law during the case proceeding. We join your hands with our well-reputed associate lawyers to work out the case and protect their reputation by ensuring better outcomes.

Debt Collection

Our associate law firms are concerned about your reputation in the market. Our associates work on a NO WIN NO FEE policy. Unlike private debt collectors who can always just change their name, our associate law firm rests firmly on the name that is built for themselves.

Labour Law

Our associate labour attorneys work on cases that deal with problems in the workplace, such as harassment, layoffs, disability claims, etc. They tend to represent employers or employees, generally over the terms and conditions of employment. Moreover, they take care of legal protection, legal rights, and legal risks, governing employment agreements.

Divorce Law

Couples have to go through the divorce process once they make the decision. Our associate divorce lawyers can make it simpler for you. They file the case and go through the legal process of divorce. We introduce you to a reputable law firm that can bring the situation back to a fair position. Our divorce lawyers in Dammam can help you make the process easier for you. Moreover, they can keep your privacy at utmost priority.


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