Legal Services in Madinah

Madinah is known one of the most holy and previous city for Muslims after Makkah. And it is one of the well-known city in Saudi is location along with Red sea and west side of the country. However as we all know that Madinah is one of the major city of KSA, And people around the global come here for business purpose. is associate multi practice law firm. Our head office is in Dubai, but we are working in 200 plus countries with the help of our associate law firms. So people can hire our associate lawyers anywhere in the world.
Legal Services in Madinah

Our Associate law Firms in Madinah

Our local Associate Law firms or lawyers in Madinah understands the local law well, and comes out of it as best Lawyers or legal consultants in Madinah. We can help you in all sort of legal matters in All cities of KSA. Some of our practice areas are as following.

Labor Law in KSA

Our employment lawyers in Madinah fully understand the sensitivity of local law in KSA especially for employees. WHO leaves their family and children just to earn more money and in order to give better life style to their family? And they have the knowledge that how it can spoil someone’s life by giving them wrong direction in terms of law. So they read their entire situation first then they give them best advice in terms of law. You can contact us regarding salary dispute, employment benefits, leaves, working hours, disciplinary rules, termination, leaves, abuse and etc.

Debt Collection in Madinah

Debt collection is counted as one of the major area of SDC. where SDC have been serving since two decades. People in all over the world have being working with SDC for better results. AS SDC is working on No Win No Fee basis for debt collection only. You can avail our debt collection related services for unpaid invoices, unpaid salary, unpaid bills and amount recovery.

Criminal Law

If you are involve in any sort of criminal charges in Madinah and you are looking for legal experts. Then Sdc is the one who can give you good associate lawyers in Madinah. Who can give you best representation that you need in court. A commitment and experience criminal lawyers will help you in order to avoid conviction or minimize applicable punishments

Our Services

We connect you with our credible and expert legal associates and international law firms and agencies that can help our clients with their efficient legal services and strategies around the world.

Debt Collection

Our associate law firms in Madinah have credible expertise in debt collection. Rest assured, our associate lawyers provide the best debt recovery sources based on a NO WIN NO FEE policy. They don't take any action that can give the law firm and you a bad reputation. Our associate law firm rests firmly on the name and forge their identities like private debt collectors.

Divorce Law

Although divorce is a sentimental process, couples still have to go through it once they make the final decision. Our associate divorce lawyers in Madinah can help you file and go through the legal process of divorce. Moreover, they take care of all the legal paperwork and their submission. We join your hands with our reputable associate law firm that can bring the situation back to normal justly.

Cooperate Law

Corporate organizations need the services of a corporate lawyer before dealing with or signing any form of contract with another firm. Services such as drafting the deal papers are by our associate lawyers in Madinah and inform the concerned parties on the advantages and disadvantages existing. You can trust our associates in all the legal processes concerning the agreements between two firms.

Real Estate

You would need legal services during the period of purchasing or selling his or her property. Our associate law firms in Madinah have the right skills, knowledge, and experience relating to real estate and will be able to advise an individual accordingly. They will let you make the best decision and deals during the buying or selling period. We join your hands with our associate lawyers for legal assistance and support.

Immigration Law

The services provided by our associate immigration lawyers include all kinds of facilities you are looking for in a legal consultant. Individuals who experience difficulties in dealing with the requirements of immigration are often helped by our associate lawyers. Guidance and advice are offered by them to foreign nationals regarding visa application, citizenship, naturalization, etc. Moreover, if you indulge in some complexities, our associates are there to take you out of it.

Family Law

Our associate family law firms in Madinah are competent and help you get your family matters resolved. Besides, they take care of your private matters and keep them from revealing it to the outside world. They promise to offer a detailed consultation with affordable charges.


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