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Our associate employment lawyers efficiently handle labour law infringement cases. Either you are in Abu Dhabi, Zayed city, or Sharjah our labour lawyers in Dubai will provide you with the best possible services. They make sure that the company or business is able to process their trading process easily without any security concern. 

Moreover, they also provide rights to the working force of a company according to the law. However, they do not serve the public organization, federal staff workers, private helpers, armed forces personals, police, safety entities, undeveloped workers. 

When to Hire Labour Lawyers in Dubai

Our liable associate labour lawyers in Dubai are experts in handling issues related to employment contracts, overtime pay, retirement pension, illegal termination, and harassment at the workplace. Our goal is to provide lawyers who are committed to providing justice whilst considering the law of UAE. You need to consult a lawyer if any of the given issues occur. 

  • Labour ban 

Employees get labour ban when they do not follow duties and responsibilities given in the employment contract. Our Associate offers countless services to handle your labour ban case professionally.

  • Employment Services

Our associate lawyers handle employment infringement cases so that the company or business can proceed with their trades without having security issues. 

  • Women’s Right 

Our associate labour lawyers in Dubai are knowledgeable about the rights of women following UAE labour law. They make sure that women are getting proper and equal rights in an organization. 

  • Labour Contract 

There are 2 basic employment contracts such as limited Contract which can be terminated with the mutual agreement of business owners and their employees and unlimited Contract which can be terminated on the arrival of the end date. Employment lawyers deal with infringement of both the contracts.

To conclude      

We provide lawyers in almost every filed for our customers. They are highly educated and trained in their respective fields. Our associate labour lawyers in Dubai have an adequate understanding of labour law and legal process. Book your appointment and get our services. We are ready to address your concerns and provide you with a legal advisory for further concerns.

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